How to plan a WooCommerce online store project


Here are 9 steps to plan an online store project with WooCommerce.

  1. Products

    – Do you sell physical products? digital products?
    – How many products do you want to sell online?
    – Will you manually enter products one by one or do you have them listed in a file with at least the following data: title, price, description, dimensions & weight (may be useful for shipping)?
    – Do you have product images or do you need help to shoot them?
    – Do your products have variations? E.g. colours, sizes
    – Do you need to manage the inventory?
    – Do product pages need to up-sell, cross-sell or display related products?

  2. Payments

    Do you want to take:
    – Online payments: credit card, electronic wallets (PayPal)?
    – Offline payments: bank transfer, cheque, cash on delivery?

    Also, do you want to offer coupons to customers?
    WooCommerce payment methods

  3. Currency

    Are your products sold in Australian Dollars ?WooCommerce currency

  4. Taxes

    Do you need to:
    – Display taxes (e.g. GST)?
    – Provide tax invoices in PDF format?
    – Sell overseas?
    WooCommerce invoice total with GST

  5. Shipping

    Are your orders:
    – Delivered by yourself?
    If yes, how do you calculate the delivery fee?
    – Picked up in store?
    – Shipped?
    If yes, who’s shipping (Aus Post, Sendle…) ? Is there a flat shipping rate or is it calculated ?

    Also, do you need to print labels directly from your website?
    WooCommerce shipping methods

  6. Extras

    Does your online need any special functionality that may not be part of WooCommerce core features?
    – Memberships
    – Subscriptions
    – Ticketing, bookings
    – Android/iPhone App for show manager
    – Sell on Facebook, eBay, Amazon, Google
    – Integration with a POS (Point-Of-Sale) like Square
    – Email marketing, eg with Mailchimp

  7. Legal

    – Have you written your Terms of Service?
    – Do you have a Return Policy?
    – Do you have customers located in the European Union? If yes, your website needs to be GDPR-compliant.
    European flag with padlock

  8. Budget

    What’s your budget for this online store?
    This determines how much customisation can be done, what plugins (piece of software that adds functionalities) can be installed, where your website can be hosted, etc

  9. Website

    Do you have an existing WordPress website?
    Or do you require a new website as well?

Do you need help with your online store project ?

By Jean Werk